Leasing Services

For select locations, we offer property leasing services for investors.

Our Tenant Placement and Leasing Services are geared towards helping you with the most important part of owning investment properties……..Tenant Location and Vacancy Reduction.

Specializing primarily in Owner Managed properties; St. Vrain Realty’s approach to tenant placement allows for a custom designed experience based on your individual needs as a homeowner or landlord. We have the ability to list, advertise,┬áconduct showings, screen calls, run applications, verify references, check credit, conduct employment/income verifications, draft and sign leases and more! Most of our services are free to start and require nothing due until a qualified tenant has paid their deposit and a lease has been executed.

We can take your property from day one, when your current tenants vacate and help you assess any needed repairs/upgrades that may help with the marketing and appeal of your home. We are available for consultation on many issues both during the leasing process as well as afterwards. Certainly choosing to save money and manage a property on your own will come with questions, we are here to help you even after our services are complete! From eviction questions, handymen and service referrals, lease and performance questions, landscaping help all the way to helping you acquire more investments! We want to provide you with value, great service and create a great long term relationship!


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*Please be aware that additional fees may apply for homes outside of our normal business area*

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